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improving the rheology of the coating color with baumeister chemicals& consulting's pigment stabilizers Evaluating your process with thermo cameras. An ideal tool for many of your challenges cleaning the felt with Bioclean from N.C.R. Biochemical, added to the high pressure shower controlling strength and elongation at the tip of the blade. Very easy with N.C.R. Biochemical's soft and pre-reticulated coating for improved performance
evaluating the process, reducing the air in the stock and white water, using N.C.R. Biochemical's efficient deaereator analyzing the results on a creping machine. N.C.R. novel tissue coating allows improving the runnability with better paper quality. how much space could you save, how much more the energy consumption can be reduced using Runtech System's Ecopump Turbo. And no more need for sealing water. Compact's emitters drying the pre coating on a board machine - evaporating per kW more than 10 times the amount of water the previous emitters achieved. This allows the customer to speed up the machine having 20 percent less capacity installed. perfect lamination with reduced cost of glue, using energy-saving XenTex emitters from Compact Engineering. Energy consumption will be halved, profile perfect in md, cd and z-direction - the savings of glue is your fringe benefit, as well as the increase in production speed.


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